One of Binary Star's greatest efforts has been the development of its very own game engine - Proton - for its game title Hybrid: Combat and 3rd party licensing.

Proton Hilights:

  • Multiplayer state of the art PC based game engine.
  • In-Browser game play capability.
  • Artist friendly editors.
  • 3D exporters/importers to exchange game content with 3D Studio Max.
  • Automated packaging system that continuously collects, compresses and encrypts game data for shipment.
  • Autodesk Kynapse AI engine integration.
  • Nvidia PhysX physics engine integration.

Proton In-Browser

Proton's state of the art game engine allows its games to be run standalone or in a web browser.

Proton Editors

Protons game editors are key in the workflow of the game artist.

Level Editor

The comprehensive Level Editor enables artists to assemble game levels and combine game items.

Motion Editor

The Motion Editor is the animators best friend as it allows them to define a character's behaviors thru a powerful animation blend system.

Particle Editor

Special effects can be made or enhanced thru the creation of particle systems using the Particle Editor.