Continuity is a collaborative project management 2.0 software made in cooperation with Virtual Workplace ltd.

Continuity combines task tracking, scheduling, spreadsheets, word processing, on-screen notes, file exchange, information exchange - wikis/news/memorandums, and instant messaging.

Continuity provides a secure, single point of exchange for all work related activity, protected by its powerful permission system.

Continuity saves costs - creates a flat company structure and a lean production - by enabling the management team to directly track and supervise staff in real-time, establishing absolute clarity of what is required and by when.

Scalable - Fast - Adaptable
Continuity is scalable and fast, easy to set up and maintain, and adapts to any business process.

Transparent & Unified Company
Continuity enables the management and staff to fully collaborate - access and share all information in real-time - creating a unified, transparent company.

Home Or Office - Outsourcing & Freelancing Ready
Continuity provides all services staff require, enabling temporary or permanent staff to work from home or office - transparent to management or co-workers.

To learn more about Continuity go to Virtual Workplace's web site and try their free version.

How We Use Continuity

An insight into our production - watch visual, aural and code features evolve; from their initiation to final in-game playability.